24/7 Emergency Locksmiths in Fort Lauderdale

A locksmith is someone who works on locks. Whether it’s doors, windows, or vehicles, our trained locksmith can handle any type of lock and can open it for you. If ever you get stuck somewhere or stranded because of your key lost or the key gets stuck. Then our Locksmith near Fort Lauderdale is someone you should contact and take help from.

Thus a locksmith in Fort Lauderdale is someone you should always look for and must always be in touch with. Call 954-866-9229 to contact Hi Security Locksmith for genuine locksmith services.

Who are we?

Hi Security Locksmith is an established locksmith company locally owned and family operated business. We are the oldest continuous local locksmith in South Florida. Hiring our locksmith company, Hi Security Locksmith assures that whatever project you hire us to do is done well Commercial, industrial, and residential as well as auto!! Sales, service, and installation.

Each business is different in terms of security. In some places, workers are trusted with all keys and codes, and in other locations, it would be best to keep certain areas secluded. We know Fort Lauderdale’s range of SMB’s and large businesses and more importantly – we can advise you regarding your in-house security preferences – let our experience save you time and money. Have a look at the areas we serve. Call us today for more details! 954-866-9229.

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What do our locksmiths do?

A very common misconception for a Locksmith near me is that they pick locks which are totally not true. They also do other functions such as:

  1. Give Locks to Windows and Doors – Locksmiths can give, administration, and fix window and entryway locks, two of the most widely recognized sorts of locks for private and business use.
  2. Give Locks to Security Safes – Not as regular as the entryway lock, security safe locks are a sort of lock that locksmiths work in – we can supply, introduce, open, and fix a wide range of vaults and security safes.
  3. Give an Auto Locksmith Service – Our car locksmith in Fort Lauderdale can give an auto lock-smithing administration to their customers where individuals are offered access to opening their vehicle entryway on the off chance that they’ve secured keys to their vehicle. Locksmiths can likewise program or reinvent remote keys and transponder keys, fix vehicle key dandies, or give another key to the vehicle.
  4. Access To Control Systems – There are a few locksmiths that have the option to supply and introduce electronic access control frameworks for their customers; anyway, this is a claim to fame that not all locksmiths offer.
  5. Emergency Locksmith Services – Locksmith Near Fort Lauderdale gives after hour administrations if people have lost their keys are bolted out or need locks supplanted and changed.

Services offered by us

Hi Security Locksmith services are divided into three parts which are:


  • Transponder chip key production
  • Emergency openings
  • Ignition unlocks
  • Broken key extraction


  • Lock Installation & repair
  • Full-service alarm installation
  • Patio door & Garage locks
  • Fencing & gate locks
  • Peephole installation


  • Safe installation
  • Full-service alarm installation
  • Panic doors
  • File cabinet locks
  • Access control system

Why not try to open yourself?

A locksmith is a skilled profession. It requires experience and proper training and equipment which most people don’t have. Locks are put into expensive things if they fail, then it’s a massive loss for you. Thus instead of attempting yourself, you can just call a professional  Locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, which can help you in installing these locks for you.

Also, if you get stuck in any situation, then also you should never try to open the lock yourself. Today locks are more durable and more technologically advanced than ever. If you decide to unlock a lock yourself, then you will only end up failing or hurting yourself. Thus you should ways hire a Locksmith near Fort Lauderdale for their professional locksmith services. By hiring a professional locksmith in Fort Lauderdale, you will not face any more expenses due to more damage, and you can also hurt yourself in the process.


At last, we can say that a locksmith near me is one of the most important services anyone can hire. We deal with a lot of locks and keys in our daily life. If we ever got into an emergency and lost our key, we need a locksmith service to help us with our problem.

Whether residential or commercial property, locks are used everywhere, and if your key is lost or damaged, then a professional locksmith in Fort Lauderdale is needed. Contact Hi Security Locksmith for professionals who are experienced, trained, and well equipped to handle any of your locksmith problems. Our staff is trained in handling any challenge and gives you a satisfactory service without damaging your lock. Whether digital or key lock, we deal with all types of lock and unlock them.